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Медицинский Центр Клеточной Терапии (МЦКТ) открыл двери в инновационную медицину для жителей Казахстана в 2018 году. Наш центр применяет в лечении широкого спектра заболеваний и ревитализации организма клеточные продукты, такие как МСК (мезенхимальные стволовые клетки), СВФ (стормально-васкулярные стволовые клетки), ОТП (обогащенная тромбоцитами плазма) и ФБ (фибробласты). 


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Our Center is ready to offer the latest technologies in the treatment of diseases in children.


Cell therapy is a unique modern alternative in the treatment of diseases of the internal organs.


Cellular therapy in the treatment of neurological diseases is an effective technique.



The main properties of stem cells are their ability to reproduce themselves and the ability to transform into almost any other cell in our body, providing the replacement of old defective cells with new operating ones.


A minimally manipulated highly effective cell product obtained within two hours from the patient's own adipose tissue. A rich cocktail of the fraction has a regenerative potential, immunoregulatory activity and a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.


Fibroblasts produce collagen, proelastin, fibronectin, and glycosaminoglycans; all these substances form the extracellular matrix, that is, the framework of connective tissue. The use of fibroblasts in cosmetology as a personalized cell product is a modern, highly effective and safe method of restoring the skin youth.


PRP is an almost painless, highly effective, and at the same time natural cosmetological method for improving and restoring the skin. The administration of PEP into the dermis activates the biological mechanism of natural skin repair



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Cell therapy is effective for the treatment of any degenerative changes in the body, including those caused by an autoimmune reaction or tissue necrosis.

A healthy body is able to effectively cope with almost all threats to its normal functioning. MSC provides its additional support, so it is recommended even for absolutely healthy people. MSC are also irreplaceable when the disease was diagnosed. SVF is needed when something has already happened. It is recommended for patients with pain in the joints and ligaments, including the pain of sports origin, people with age-related skin changes and the problem of hair loss (alopecia).

There are no age limits for the use of cell therapy, only medical contraindications. You can identify them based on the results of tests that are included in the list of our requirements.

The necessary examinations and tests can be taken at many medical centers, and you can come to our Center for consultation/treatment with the results. Our Center deals only with the treatment with the use of cell products. The laboratory of the Center has modern equipment necessary to obtain and clean cell products. We are a unique clinic that offers such products in the health care market of Kazakhstan. It is impractical for us to purchase equipment and conduct standard laboratory tests.

There is no difference in the treatment effectiveness. Mesenchymal stem cells are immunotolerant, that is, they do not cause a reaction of the immune system. Therefore, it is not important for the body whether it receives its own or donor MSC; the main thing is that a cascade of mechanisms aimed at the regeneration of certain tissues is triggered.

You can find the prices for each procedure in the necessary section.

The cost of treatment consists of the high cost of production of cell products. Our equipment was imported from Japan, Germany, and Great Britain. The laboratory in Almaty is built according to all ISO standards; it is an ultraclean room with its own microclimate and sterile air. Disposable sterile consumables, American reagents, only the best ones in cellular regenerative medicine – all this, alas, cannot cost little.

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